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BJC Coral Series

Surface Electrical Mechanisms BJC Coral Series h4>

The first home is to enjoy it.

The Bjc Coral series puts at your disposal the basic functions in electric mechanisms that are marketed mounted. A competitive and easy installation option that comes in white and beige finishes. Electrical Mechanisms Practical and economic, but without forgetting the aesthetic contribution of the entire Bjc Coral series.

The series offers a touch of color thanks to the trims available in 1O different colors, plus one in white and one in beige, in total 12 shades that guarantee the combination with any environment.

Four finishes to provide sophistication to the Bjc Coral series. Keys and frames painted in Pearl Gold, Luna Silver, Lava Gray and Shadow Gray and gold and nickel finished trims.

A wide variety of functions to meet the comfort and security requirements of the current home. Possibility of installing one, two, three and up to four elements in horizontal and vertical position.

Bjc Coral puts its functionality at the service of the equipment of the spaces where it is installed.

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Electronic regulator, switch 21538

Package 1
Suitable for loads:
L. Incandescent: 60-500 W max.
L. Halogens: 230 V ~ 60-500 W max.
L. Halogen with electromagnetic transformer:
230 V ~ 300 VA max.
L. Halogen with electronic transformers OSRAM series
Compatible with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
adjustable: OSRAM DULUX EL DIM or similar.